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When the season starts to cool down, Apple’s season starts and becomes ready to eat. If you want to enjoy apple picking and eating season with your friends and family. Then these Apple-picking captions and quotes for Instagram are best for you. These words will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The fall season has set in and with it, apple picking season has started. Apple picking is beautiful weather as winter has come to near and it is considered an autumn tradition. It is the best way to enjoy and to remain active. Choosing the best and perfect words can be a difficult task but now we have resolved your problem to a great extent.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for juicy Apple captions or funny apple picking captions, we have covered you with all. You just have to browse the list and select the best!

Juicy Apple Picking Instagram Captions

Here are juicy Apple picking Instagram captions for you.

Choose the best and enjoy! 

  • “BEHOLD, the harvest is at hand, and thick on the encircling mountains!” — John Jay Chapman

  • “Beside it, and there may be two or three apples I didn’t pick up on some bough. But I am done with apple-picking now.” — Robert Frost

  • “What plant are we in this apple tree! Fruits that shall swell in sunny June, and redden in the August noon, and drop, when gentle airs come by, that fan the blue September sky.” — William Cullen Bryant

  • “We are born believing. A man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Sunrise is amazing 

  • “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” ―Martin Luther

  • “The black oaks fling their fruit into all the pockets of the earth.” — Mary Oliver

  • “The fruit is what matters, not how gnarly or beautiful the apple tree is.” ―Aiden Wilson Tozer

  • “Oh! Happy are the apples when the south winds blow.” ―William Wallace Harney

  • “Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.” ―Walt Whitman

  • Ice cream on apple pie is one of my core beliefs.

  • Come be-cider me and stay awhile.

  • Dear Mother Nature, thank you for the apples.

  • This family is filled with good apples. There are no bad apples in this brood!

  • Apple picking is the stuff that family traditions are made of.

  • Have you ever met an apple? They’re a-peel-ing!

  • Of fresh mornings and green apple vibes.

  • Gravity? Newton’s Apple has nothing on my Instagram game.

  • When life gives you apples, flaunt them on Instagram.

  • Having some quality time with my besties.

  • Finally found my apple-y ever after.

  • Apple spice and everything nice!

  • The orchard is full of red apples to eat and the choice of flavours can’t be beat.

  • Good vibes for apples 

  • A is for apples—the rest isn’t necessary.

  • Don’t upset the applecart by biting off more than you can chew.

  • How ’bout them apples?

  • After all this mud, I peel like I could use a drink.

  • Straight from the orchard – fresh green love.

  • Ringing in fall – the apple kind of way.

  • Don’t you wish your apples were photogenic like mine?

  • Apple effect: 100% positive on the mood.

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and I’ve got a whole orchard that’s ripe for the picking.

  • You see apples — I see pies in my future.

  • I got a little apple-sauced from drinking all that applejack.

  • Fuji and Macintosh are a whole nother breed of apples.

  • Give us all the peels…

  • All I need are blue skies, red apples, and you!

  • Don’t be such a crab apple!

  • Apple picking: The one activity every generation can agree on.

  • This is the apple-iest day of my life!

    Juicy Apple Picking Instagram Captions

  • Hey apple, way to grow!

  • We are harvesting joy straight from the apple orchard.

  • Shaking the tree of routine,

  • ‘Appley’ going about my day.

  • The orchard is my happy place.

  • Roses are red. Apples are too. Picking them is the best way to cure being blue!

  • I’m not the bad apple, and you’re not the Honeycrisp.

  • Applejack be nimble, applejack be quick, applejack jumped over a cinnamon stick.

  • I find you very a-peeling!

  • I can’t decide what I like more, apple bobbing or corn cobbing.

  • Had a fruit-full day picking apples!

  • Easy as apple pie!

  • If we’re comparing apples to apples, I choose cider.

  • Should we apple spice things up?

  • So much love for my baby apple tree.

  • An apple a day keeps the teacher happy.

  • I wonder if we’ll see Gywneth?

  • The early bird gets the apple and the worm! 

  • Green, red, or gold – every apple’s a treasure. 

  • I am branching out to greener, tarter delicacies.

  • We’re off to pick a bushel, a bushel of wonderful apples…

  • My Honeycrisp and I drove down to the apple grove.

  • We couldn’t have picked a better day!

  • I found my Honeycrisp while picking through the apple trees.

  • Life is always brighter at the orchard.

  • Who needs Snow White’s apple when you can have mine?

  • We succ-seeded at finding some impressive apples!

  • Show your tart side – embrace the green apple.

  • Green is the new red. Haven’t you heard?

  • We go together like cider and donuts.

  • Keep Calm and Fuji On.

    Juicy Apple Picking Instagram Captions

  • Farm to table never tasted so good.

  • Adventure today, applesauce tomorrow…

  • I am painting my Insta feed in shades of apple red.

  • How do you organise a fruit party? Start with an apple ever after!

  • A peck on the cheek for the apple of my eye.

  • Don’t like fall? Then leave me alone!

  • If you plant crabapple seeds, don’t expect a crop as sweet as Honeycrisp.

  • Spent some quali-tree time with friends/the fam today

Best Apple Captions for Instagram

Here are the best people captions for Instagram.

You just have to choose the best and enjoy! 

  • Will work for apples.

  • “Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why?” ―Bernard Baruch

  • “Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” ―Henry David Thoreau

  • “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” — Emily Bronte

  • “A bruised apple is not all bad. It still has tremendous potential.” ―Seth Adam Smith

  • “Cling, swing, spring, sing, swing up into the apple tree!” — T.S. Eliot

  • “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of November was crisp as an apple, and as the little family bobbed across the rumbling road trip towards the great sooty station, the fumes of the car exhausts and the breath of pedestrians sparkled like cobwebs in the cold air.” — J.K. Rowling

  • “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.” ―Jane Austen

  • “Don’t swear off all the fruits just because you ate one bad apple.” ―Tiffanie DeBartolo

  • “Thank god I’m a country boy!” — John Denver

  • “There’s just gonna be you and me, underneath that apple suckling tree.” — Bob Dylan

  • We couldn’t fight this peeling anymore — we had to get the apples that our recipe called for!

  • I’m red-y to go apple picking.

  • December is the best season.

  • My core values include apple picking.

    Best Apple captions for Instagram

  • Neither too sweet nor too start. Just apple-heart.

  • Lush greens, radiant reds – apple delight.

  • We picked apples together, and we liked it even the kids!

  • I wanted to work my core but instead had apple pie.

  • Nothing is more tempting than an apple.

  • A golden delicious kind of day!

  • Give me some apple-ause.

  • An apple orchard with cider is like a choice vineyard with wine.

  • How do you organise a fruit party? Start with an apple ever after!

  • All in all, they’re all just apples in the fall.

  • They might be fruity, but I love them — cores and all.

  • I cry, you cry, we all cry for apple pie.

  • If there’s doughnuts involved, I’ll be right be-cider you!

  • I am peeling off the mundane, biting into the extraordinary.

  • I am picking the best moments of life, just like picking apples.

  • I was baking apple pies and catching cute sighs.

  • Orange you glad I didn’t use an apple pun?

  • Celebrating the authentic taste of nature – apple love.

  • I’m determined to fill my basket to the brim.

  • I can easily get by on cider and apple pie.

  • Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me!

  • I’m sticking with apple picking, you can try the pie.

  • We couldn’t have picked a better day.

  • The best stories are found within the peel of an apple.

  • Apples: The real stars of the fruit bowl.

  • You’re the apple of my eye.

  • The orchard is almost as fun as mulling around in the Big Apple.

  • Black and white and red are all apples.

  • Rotten to the core…

  • If the crab apple didn’t fall far from the tree, what does that make you?

  • I couldn’t have picked better friends.

  • How do you organise a fruit party? Start with an apple ever after!

  • Love is where the apple tree grows.

  • Are you feeling saucy? Blame the apple pie!

  • I was getting my daily dose of Vitamin Green Apple.

  • A family that apples pick together truly sticks forever.

  • It’s easy to get juiced up for apple picking.

  • Me and my cutie-pie!

    Best Apple captions for Instagram

  • Wanderlust takes me to the tallest apple trees.

  • I decided to branch out today.

  • Orchard life!

  • Seek and you shall find all the apples you can eat.

  • Framed: A still life with green apples.

  • Best way of picnic

  • There’s nothing more a-peeling than a day spent at the orchard.

  • Sippin’ on sunshine and apple cider.

  • Havin’ a Golden Delicious kind of day.

  • Tarty party with my favourite green apple.

  • If life gives you rotten apples, make applesauce.

  • Wanna grab a beer after this? Just plantin’ the seed!

  • Red or green? Apples have me in between!

  • If you want apples, sometimes you gotta shake the trees.

  • And they lived apple-y ever after!

  • Slice them, core them, peel them but don’t throw them to just anyone.

  • Found the apple to my pie today.

  • Green apple: Your daily bite of blog inspiration.

  • I love this season to its core.

  • One smart apple is better than a whole school of fish and chips.

  • The crunch brings a bunch of happiness.

  • Warning: This post may be the apple of your eye.

  • An apple wrapped in caramel is as cosy as a person wrapped in flannel.

  • Sweet and tart – just like my favourite apple part.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, a round of apple-ause!

  • Crunch time! No, really, it’s apple munch time.

  • We are hard CORE into autumn over here.

    Best Apple captions for Instagram

  • Forget about the salad and take me to the Waldorf.

  • When life gets blurry, adjust your apple focus.

  • Besides mango I like apple 

  • My favourite colours are sunset and apple red.

  • Savour the crunch, taste the life.

Funny Apple Picking Captions

If you want to give a smile to your followers then these funny Apple picking captions are best for you.

Choose the best and enjoy!

  • Lettuce go green with apples.

  • Supermarket apples are yesterday’s news.

  • We apple-ogize for the pun, but not for our bushel of fun!

  • Bobbing for apples, diving for likes.

  • Best gift of autumn season 

  • One bite that enlightens your mood – that’s apple power. I was living in my apple bubble. It’s pretty sweet here.

  • I’ll have to mull that one over.

  • Finally, an apple that doesn’t need a USB!

  • I picked the juiciest gossip at the orchard today. 

  • Eating is more a-peel-ing than picking.

  • Just like apples, I, too, ripen in my own time.

  • Havin’ a Gala good time with the fam!

  • I am a foodie person and I like apples

  • Red dress is my favourite and red fruit is also my favourite 

  • Found life’s secrets in the heart of an apple.

  • Apple of my eye? More like the apple of my pie.

    Funny Apple Picking Captions

  • If you’re h-apple-y and you know it, shop the stands.

  • Just trying to exercise my CORE, over here!

  • Apple: certified heart-stealer forever.

  • They’re all Delicious to me. 

  • Extravagantly simple – the allure of apples.

  • How ’bout them apples?!

  • Apple-obsessed and proud.

  • Vitamin-charged green for a fresh feed.

  • The cutest apples in the orchard!

  • You’re as sweet as apple pie.

  • Always like high heels 

  • I can’t decide if I want to go to the gala.

  • Hooray for apple season!

  • Exploring the apple wonders one bite at a time.

  • I’d like to apple-ogize for the pun.

  • Just a little apple-viciousness for your feed.

  • That moment when your apple has more social life than you.

  • Autumn is a pick above the rest!

  • I’ve got the need. The need for seeds.

  • I apple-ied for several jobs but only s-cored one.

  • Apples are red, roses are too, red is the colour for I love you.

  • GNO: Gala’s Night Out.

  • Shoes are my favourite.

  • I couldn’t decide whether or not to make spiced apple cider, so I mulled it over.

  • Be kind to everything that grows – especially apples!

  • When life gets complicated, I find comfort in apples.

  • If apples were currency, I’d be rich in crunch.

  • When life gets started, take a green apple start.

  • It’s crunch time with green apples, folks.

  • Red-y for fall and having a ball.

  • Crisp, juicy, and photogenic – nature’s perfect fruit.

  • Tart and juicy or mellow and sweet, any red apple is a treat to eat.

  • Everything’s coming up Crimson Crisp and delish!

  • The apple of my eye!

  • I didn’t mean to get so apple-sauced.

  • Today was unbeliev-apple!

  • A for Apples, A for Aesthetics.

  • I’d trade a day of rest for a day at an apple orchard.

  • Keep calm and bite an apple.

  • Cherry blossom is my favourite 

    Funny Apple Picking Captions

  • Orchard adventures: Came for apples, stayed for the puns.

  • Here’s to healthier choices – picking green apples now.

  • You are the caramel to my apple.

  • Serving you fresh apple-realness.

  • Just a small-town apple living in an Instagram world.

  • Taking a bite out of life!

  • Apple-picking: A reel into real life.

  • A burst of green vitality in every bite.

  • Staying healthy, naturally – Green Apple Power!

  • I always like fashion 

  • Adventure today, applesauce tomorrow…

  • So much fun I could pie…

  • When life gets started, take a green apple start.

  • Going green has never been so delicious.

  • Taste the tang – green apple gang!

  • Taking a big bite out of life – apple style.

  • Following the apple trail, straight to Wonderland.

  • Juicing up my day the apple way.

  • I’ll just hop in my apple cart and go h-apple-y on my way.

  • Best season to celebrate birthday among apples 

  • My story is in red – one apple at a time.

Cute Apple Captions For Instagram

If you are looking for cute Apple captions for Instagram.

Cute Apple Captions For Instagram

Select the best and enjoy!

  • Apple extravagance at its best.

  • Apple-loving: The art that keeps on giving.

  • Wandering through life’s orchard, one apple at a time.

  • Green apples: Natural selfie filters.

  • Every day is Green Apple Day at my home.

  • I guess gala isn’t apple-cable to technology.

  • I am painting my art of feed green – apple style.

  • Feeling green, feeling good – an apple a day.

  • One green apple a day to keep my Insta gloom away.

  • An apple ever after story.

  • Seeds of love, fruits of joy: An apple’s tale.

  • Wood, bark, leaf, and an apple heart.

  • Apple red, white and blue is as American as apple pie.

  • Peek-a-boo from my apple garden.

  • Fruity cuddles, apple bites.

  • I am feeling like a Barbie among apples 

  • Flipping the world, apple-side-up.

  • The cutest apples always land in my basket.

  • We’re having hardcore fun this fall.

  • I’ve got in-cider information!

  • Rad, red, and rounded – that’s the apple way.

  • Time to appease the apple-colic in me.

  • No bad apples here!

  • A-picking we will go…

  • Crispy, crunchy green apple moments.

  • Get, set, and bite into green goodness.

  • I am living life in full apple bloom.

  • Juice is my favourite 

  • Crisp, sweet, and photo-ready: Just an apple expressing itself.

  • In my world, Apple is the new Black.

  • I’ve de-cider-ed to eat green.

    Cute Apple Captions For Instagram

  • It tastes like a fresh start – that’s a green apple for you.

  • I am living that green apple dream.

  • Apple of my pie!

  • When God gives you apples, make Instagram posts.

  • The magic moment between me and my apple.

  • I like fishing.

  • So fresh and so green: Channelling my inner Granny Smith.

  • I love my sweet little Rockit apples.

  • An apple a day keeps my Insta game slaying.

  • Cute, sweet, and impossible to resist – just like you.

  • Living on Apple time now, folks.

  • In every life, a little Fuji must fall.

  • That bad apple is rotten to the core.

  • Beauty routine: A bite of apple every day.

  • Pardon the crunch – but this apple was too good.

  • The whole universe in one bite – hello, apple.

  • I am pizza lover 

  • Apples: Breaking diets since… forever.

  • Apples: Keeping gravity interesting since Sir Isaac Newton.

  • enjoying the fall of apples.

  • An apple a day to illuminate the Insta-way.

  • Moments are like apples, beautiful and transient.

  • Living that sweet life, one appletini at a time.

  • One apple a day, infinite likes on the way.

  • I am taking my apple for a walk. Yes, you read that right.

  • Found the apple of my pie. Now, where’s the crust?

  • I’m on a strict diet: Apple pie, apple tart, apple juice…

  • Good Vibes among apples 

    Cute Apple Captions For Instagram

  • Apples: Nature’s ping pong balls.

  • I love autumn to its core!

  • No bad apples here!

  • I am feeling absolutely adorable today.

  • Apple-adorned moments look the best.

  • Apple up, buttercup.

  • You’re the apple of my Instagram.

  • An apple a day keeps everyone away if thrown hard enough.

  • Savour the sour. Indulge in the green.

  • Holiday is for picking apples 

  • It’s my orchard of happiness – join me.

  • He was caught in the apple-ness of life.

  • Why did the apple stop running? It ran out of juice!

  • Apple’s secret? It’s always up for a juicy chat.

  • When life gives you apples… duck! Someone’s probably throwing them.

  • A dash of green, a hint of tart. Delightful


As the final words, we can say that Apple is the best fruit of the season. If you have passion for outdoor activities, then Apple picking is the best option for you. These apple picking captions and quotes for Instagram are best for you. You can enjoy this season with your friends and your family. For your amazing clicks, these words are best. You just have to scroll down the list and enjoy the best!

What is the meaning of apple picking?

An activity to find out and pick out apples in an apple farm.

Why do people enjoy apple picking?

People enjoy Apple picking because “Being immersed in nature — and an orchard totally counts—automatically sends simmering down signals to your brain.”

What are the benefits of apple picking?

Here are a lot of benefits of apple picking because it is a source of “Emotional Well-Being and Connection with Nature”.

Why is apple a favourite fruit?

Apple is a favourite fruit for “The delicious taste and bright colour of the food make it even more appealing.”

What is the best caption for Apple picking?

The best caption for Apple picking is “Wandering through life’s orchard, one apple at a time.”

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