353 Delicious Pancake Captions And Quotes For Instagram

Pancakes are one of the most delicious foods and snacks to which you can enjoy even after breakfast. If you are looking for the best Pancake captions and quotes for Instagram, then you have no need to worry. We have collected these words with a lot of struggle. 

Pancakes are fluffy and syrup topped dessert. These captions are a great source to show your love for these pancakes to your followers and friends. You can enjoy these after your dinner or on your weekend. We assure you that these words will make you stand out from the crowd.

From hilarious pancake captions for Instagram to aesthetic pancake quotes for Instagram here are all words for you.

Best Pancake Instagram Captions

Here are the best pancake Instagram captions for you.

Pick up the best for you.

  • Today’s good mood is sponsored by pancakes.

  • Pancakes without syrup are like cars with no wheels.

  • Bring me pancakes and I will love you forever.

  • I need a pancake in each hand

  • We go together like pancakes and syrup.

  • I like cakes 

  • If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes?

  • Rise and shine, it’s pancake time!

  • Life is better with pancakes.

  • I go where the pancakes are.

  • Have a flippin great pancake day!

  • Life is a combination of magic and pancakes.

  • Happiness is pancakes for breakfast.

  • Who needs a therapist when you have pancakes?

  • Life is short, make it sweet… like pancakes 

  • Stacks of happiness on a plate 

  • Flipping out over these hot cakes 

  • In a committed relationship with pancakes 

  • Brunch so hard, maple syrup wants to find me 

  • Wake and pancake 

  • This is what dreams are made of…literally 

  • Pancakes are my life.

  • There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.

  • Darling, The pancakes are the best companion.

  • I love you!

  • You cannot make your first pancake perfect; you learn with time.

  • There are two sides to a pancake: One is brown and fluffy; the other is burnt.

  • Pancake Obsessed!

  • Spread love as thick as you would Nutella.

  • There’s never a pancake around when you need one.

  • The taste of pancakes adds a lot of motivation to your day.

  • I believe in pancakes for breakfast.

  • Make me pancakes and call me pretty.

  • Pancakes and chill

  • I like my friends close and my pancakes closer 

  • Forever in pursuit of the perfect pancake 

  • When life gives you lemons, make lemon ricotta pancakes 

  • Love at first bite 

  • A bad day with pancakes is better than a good day without them

  • Feeling flippin’ fabulous 

  • I hope the person I’ll marry knows how to make pancakes/crepes

  • Cook pancakes/crepes for me and I will love you forever

  • Studies say that eating pancakes/crepes often lead to a happier life

  • Pancakes/crepes are responsible for my good mood

    Best Pancake Instagram Captions

  • You deserve to treat yourself with some pancakes/crepes

  • Life is better when we eat pancakes/crepes

  • When I have a bad day, I just make myself some pancakes/crepes

  • I always say yes to pancakes/crepes

  • Pancake/crepe obsessed

  • Pancakes/crepes always change my mood off

  • You deserve to eat pancakes/crepes whenever you want

  • Squeeze the day with citrus pancakes 

  • Griddle me this…who doesn’t love pancakes? 

  • You had me at “pancakes for breakfast” 

  • Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter.

  • We’ve got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough.

  • No one stacks up to you.

  • Brunch so good, it’s flipping unbelievable 

  • Keeping it toasty with hotcakes and heart emojis 

  • Syrup drizzles and Sunday giggles 

  • Pancake perfection on a plate 

  • Stack ’em high and set your brunch vibe 

  • Syrup-soaked Saturdays with the crew 

  • Where there is a perfect pancake flip, there is life.

  • Without a pancake the day is incomplete.

  • I love the cake which is known as a pancake.

  • Honey comes from bees, but pancakes come from heaven.

  • Griddle cakes, pancakes, hotcakes, flapjacks: why are there four names for grilled batter and only one word for love?

  • Pancakes are delightful when perfectly made.

  • Better days ahead with these fluffy favourites

    Best Pancake Instagram Captions

  • Griddle masterpieces worth every calorie 

  • When life gives you lemons, make lemon pancakes

  • Brunch: when breakfast meets art 

  • Weekend whisperer: say pancake and I shall appear 

Short And Sweet Pancake Instagram Captions

These short and sweet pancake Instagram captions are for you to give support to your clicks.

  • Just trying syrup is fun! 

  • Batter up for some serious brunch goals

  • The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.

  • My heart always craves pancakes.

  • Let’s get stacked.

  • There is a hardship in everything except for when eating pancakes.

  • Life is butter when we’re together.

  • You make my heart melt.

  • The delight of pancakes can only be discovered by eating them.

  • If you want pancakes for breakfast, offer to help make them.

  • The place that makes pancakes is everyone’s favourite.

  • Good pancakes make people happy.

  • Making pancakes can describe your love for your partner

  • Pancakes were meant to be flipped.

  • Pancakes are not that easy to make.

  • One of the most original and most important ideas advanced by Hayek is the role of the division of knowledge in economic society.

    Short And Sweet Pancake Instagram Captions

  • Life is flippin’ fantastic when you have pancakes! 

  • Flipping out over these cakes of pan! 

  • Batter up for some laughs! 

  • Pancakes: how I roll in the morning!

  • A batch made in heaven 

  • There was no time for chit-chat when there were chocolate chip pancakes to be eaten.

  • No such thing as too much batter!

  • Making it a stack-tacular day! 

  • Abs are cool but have you tried pancakes? 

  • These pancakes are un-flipping-believable! 

  • The weekend starts with waffles.

  • Sunny side up, it’s Saturday.

  • Weekend brunch: my favourite sporting event.

  • The most divine meal of the week – Friday breakfast.

  • Saturday mornings are for pancakes and pj’s.

  • Nothing says weekend like a leisurely breakfast.

  • Weekend feasting was made better with breakfast.

  • Procaffeinating until brunch.

  • Nourishing my soul with a weekend breakfast.

  • Nothing heals the soul like pancakes on the weekend.

  • French toast and weekends, always a good idea.

  • Quiet Saturday mornings and a hearty breakfast.

  • Slow Sundays call for a delicious lunch.

  • On a syrup-fueled giggle spree! 

  • Feeding my pancaking sense of humour! 

  • The grin that comes with a side of syrup! 

  • Pancake puns? That’s my jam. 

  • I’ve got 99 problems but a pancake ain’t one! 

  • Pancakes/crepes are the key to my heart

    Short And Sweet Pancake Instagram Captions

  • I find many things difficult, but eating pancakes/crepes it’s definitely not one of them

  • I like Trees

  • Waffling around? No thanks, I’ll stick to pancakes! 

  • Maple leaf it out of these puns! 

  • This stack’s got me pancaking my head! 

Hilarious Pancake Puns For Instagram

If you are looking for hilarious puns for Instagram then here are for you.

  • Flipping out over these heavenly hotcakes

  • Carrot cake is amazing 

  • Griddle me this, griddle me that, who’s got the fluffiest stack?

  • Batter up for the best brunch ever 

  • Brunch goals: a tower of pancakes and zero plans

  • Life is a pancake – pour on the sweetness

  • Just a whisk taker living on the pancake edge

  • Pile ’em high, watch ’em fly! 

  • Starting the day on a sunny note

  • A touch of sunshine to my breakfast

  • Eggs sunny-side up, please!

  • A gleaming way to begin the day

  • My sunny-side up, my morning staple

  • Captured: a perfect sunny-side up moment

  • Egg-cellent sunny-side up, anyone?

  • The sunniest side of breakfast

  • Bringing in the sunshine with a sunny-side up

  • When the day starts sunny-side up

  • Can the good morning get any sunnier?

  • Nothing like sunny-side up to start the day right

  • A warm, sunny start to the day

    Hilarious Pancake Puns For Instagram

  • Breakfast joy with sunny-side up eggs

  • Breakfast perfection: sunny-side up eggs, always

  • A sunny-side up kind of morning

  • Sun’s up; eggs are sunny-side up

  • Who needs sunshine, when you’ve got sunny-side up

  • Squeeze the day with lemon and sugar

  • Flapjack friday? More like flapjack fri-YAY! 

  • This is my resting brunch face 

  • Whisk me away to pancake paradise 

  • Love at first bite with these buttery dream cakes 

  • Keep calm and pancake on 

  • There is hardship in everything, except eating pancakes.

  • Start each day with a grateful pancake.

  • All’s fair in love and pancakes.

  • Where there is a perfect pancake flip, there is life.

  • Shut up and feed me pancakes.

  • The best pancake topping is more pancakes.

  • I would have denied you if you came at the cost of pancakes.

  • Pancakes exist to make eating gallons of maple syrup socially acceptable.

  • You think I’m paying attention to you, but really I’m thinking about pancakes.

  • My head says exercise, but my heart says pancakes.

  • Pumpkin smoothie with Greece yoghourt and flaxseeds

  • Children are like pancakes: the first one is always a bit weird.

  • Pancake it till you make it 

  • From batter to plated masterpiece 

  • I like big stacks and I cannot lie 

  • In a committed relationship with these pancakes 

  • Too much pancake said no one ever 

  • Nothing stacks up to you 

  • Flippin’ out over these pancakes 

  • Batter up for a great day 

  • Breakfast salad with eggs and smoked salmon

  • Apple and cinnamon steel-cut oatmeal

  • Mixed vegetable and tofu scramble

  • Banana and walnut whole grain muffins

  • Mango and chia seed parfait with honey

    Hilarious Pancake Puns For Instagram

  • Whole grain waffles with mixed berries

  • Breakfast quinoa with apples and pecans

  • Chickpea and spinach frittata with salsa

  • Breakfast power smoothie with spinach, banana, and almond butter

  • Overnight chia seed oatmeal with mixed fruits

Funny Pancake Captions

These funny pancake captions are a great source to give a smile to your followers.

  • Breakfast parfait with Greek yoghourt, granola, and mixed fruit

  • Almond flour pancakes with maple syrup and berries

  • Syrup-dipity on a plate 

  • Officially in a pancake state of mind 

  • A sprinkle of sugar and a lot of love 

  • Just a girl who loves pancakes 

  • Feast mode: activated

  • Served with a side of morning sunshine 

  • Cakes of the pan, heart of gold 

  • Powered by pancakes and positivity 

  • Pancake good mornings are the best mornings 

  • Brunch is always a good idea with friends.

  • Weekend vibes and brunch delights.

  • Making memories, one brunch at a time.

  • The best conversations happen over brunch.

  • Brunch crew on point.

  • Endless laughs and bottomless mimosas.

  • Nothing beats brunch with my favourite people.

  • We brunch hard, just like our friendship.

    Funny Pancake Captions

  • Savouring sweet moments and savoury dishes.

  • Good company, better food.

  • Real friends don’t let friends brunch solo.

  • Who needs therapy when you have brunch with friends?

  • Our friendship is as fulfilling as this brunch spread.

  • Eating well is a form of self-respect, especially at brunch!

  • Raising a toast to food, fun, and friends.

  • A little fluff can go a long way 

  • Life is short, make it syrupy 

  • Dreaming of buttery, syrupy bliss 

  • Savouring every bite with my best friends.

  • Stacking my way to happiness 

  • The secret ingredient is always pancakes 

  • Love at first bite 

  • Flipping love this breakfast! 

  • Perfect pancakes, perfect day 

  • Stacks on stacks of happiness 

  • Flat out fantastic and ready to be devoured 

  • Batter up for a great day 

  • Syrup it’s true, pancakes cure all blues 

  • Grinding grains for gains 

  • Making it rain maple syrup 

  • From batter to fluffy, I’m in love 

  • Feeling better after every bite 

  • Flipping out over these perfect pancakes 

  • On a roll with these buttery beauties 

  • Stack-toberfest in my mouth 

  • Whisk me away to pancake paradise 

  • Plating up the pinnacle of pancake perfection 

  • Abs are great, but have you tried pancakes? 

  • Flapjack flipper extraordinaire 

  • Keep calm and eat more pancakes 

  • Golden brown and barely legal 

  • Breakfast with a side of smiles 

  • Barbie of the batter throne 

    Funny Pancake Captions

  • Brunch so hard, pancake galaxies are jealous 

  • Stacks on stacks for International Pancake Day 

  • Flipping out over these heavenly layers 

  • Batter up for the best day ever 

  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of pancakes 

  • Syrup-drenched dreams do come true 

  • International Pancake Day? More like international eat-your-heart-out day

  • Making the world a peanut butter place one pancake at a time 

  • Life is short, make it sweet with pancakes 

  • Flip it like it’s hot – celebrate pancake day! 

  • Nothing stacks up to International Pancake Day 

  • There’s no we in pancakes…wait, actually there is! 

  • A syrupy smile for every pancake pile 

  • Celebrating fluffy perfection on a plate 

  • Praise be to pancakes, today and every day 

  • Got my mind on my pancakes and my pancakes on my mind

  • Spread the joy, and the butter, it’s Pancake Day! 

  • Every day is pancake day if you’re ambitious enough 

  • Pancake Day: the most stack-tacular day of the year 

  • Stacked with goodness on this global pancake party 

  • Shall I compare thee to a perfectly poured pool of pancake batter on a warm griddle?

  • The best pancake topping is more pancakes.

  • Pancake obsessed.

  • I’m going to have pancakes with a side of pancakes.

  • Happiness is a pancake breakfast.

  • Say good night to your body, and eat dinner.

  • All you need is pancakes. That’s all. Pancakes.

  • As is always the way with pancakes, the first hotcake to come out of the pan will probably be a bit misshapen. Just scoff it and carry on with the rest.

  • Pancakes are those soft things that require zero hard work.

  • We sweet people deserve to have tasty Pancakes whenever we want.

  • Don’t be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide.

  • All happiness depends on a leisurely pancake.

  • Eat some breakfast then change the world.

  • Shut up and eat your pancake!

    Funny Pancake Captions

  • If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes?

  • Make me a stack of pancakes and I’m yours.

  • Tuesdays are better with pancakes. 

  • Let’s face it, everything’s better with pancakes.

  • If you want to make it up, Get pancakes for meI will become the happiest person.

  • Say no to hate. Say yes to pancakes.

  • Eating breakfast is an excellent way of saying thank you to your body.

  • My morning breakfast and evening snacks are Pancakes.

  • Food is a huge passion of mine, and because I want to eat whatever I want, I run every morning, and then I do weight a few times a week.

  • There was no time for chit-chat when there were chocolate chip pancakes to be eaten.

  • There is hardship in everything except eating pancakes.

  • A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

  • Pizza is amazing 

  • The definition of Yummy is Pancake.

  • All I need is… a stack of pancakes.

  • Plate, pancake, perfection 

  • Pancake artist at work 

  • When life gives you pancakes 

  • Light, fluffy, and ready for syrup 

  • Stacks on stacks of brunch happiness 

  • Flipping out over these brunch delights 

  • But first, pancakes and positivity 

  • Rise and shine, it’s pancake time 

  • Batter up for weekend brunch goals 

  • Sweet stacks and lazy Sunday tracks 

  • Maple and mischief at our brunch table 

  • Brunch squad’s all here, and pancakes got the cheer

  • Pour some sugar on me… and my pancakes

    Funny Pancake Captions

  • Pancakes need a tremendous focus on perfection.

  • The best combination includes the person eating with you.

  • There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast seafood.

  • Pancakes are judged by taste, not by shape or size.

Aesthetic Pancake Quotes For Instagram

If along with the captions you also feel the need of quotes, then these aesthetic pancake quotes for Instagram are for you.

  • “In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it’s not perfect, that’s okay, there are a lot more coming along.”- Antonin Scalia

  • Burger is my favourite 

  • We’ve got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough.

  • “I’m a dad, and I no longer see a way for my kids to even inherit the money that I’m making, let alone go out there, have an idea, and create it in their own lifetime.” — Glenn Beck

  • “Where there is a perfect pancake flip, there is life.” —Mahatma Gandhi

  • “Maybe love was a woman feeding him pancakes. Maybe it was someone sitting across from him sipping orange juice just to please him.” ― Christine Feehan, Water Bound

  • “In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it’s not perfect, that’s okay, there are a lot more coming along.”

    Aesthetic Pancake Quotes For Instagram

  • “Who, with pancakes, is poor?” —Croissant Wilde

  • “Fortune and pancakes favour the brave.” —Eggs Over Easy

  • The pancakes would be easy, but the batter, made to an old recipe, with buckwheat flour and cider instead of milk, needed to rest for a couple of hours.

  • “This better to have eaten a pancake than never to have eaten a pancake at all.”- Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • “He began to eat, only half-distracted by Agnes’s food this time- the ham crisp and sweet, the cakes thick and light, studded with pecans, the syrup falling in ropes to mix with the melting butter” ― Jennifer Crusie, Agnes and the Hitman

  • Sundays are better with pancakes. Let’s face it, everything’s better with pancakes.

  • Birthdays were made for going wild over the people we think are amazing.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

  • “Shall I compare thee to a perfectly poured pool of pancake batter on a warm griddle?” —William Shakespeare

  • “Pancakes don’t make the world go ’round. Pancakes are what makes the ride worthwhile.” —Frankfurterlin P. Jones

  • “We pancaked with a pancake that was more than a pancake.” —Edgar Allen Poached Egg

  • “If you want pancakes for breakfast, offer to help make them.”- Cynthia Lewis

  • “Someone who eats pancakes and jam can’t be so awfully dangerous. You can talk to him.” 

  • “Love is such an arbitrary thing. I love my mom. I love pancakes.” ~ Doug Stanhope

  • Drinking is my passion 

  • ”I think children are like pancakes. You sort of ruin the first one, and you get better at it the second time around.” ~ Kelly Ripa

  • “Never let your toes or your pancakes get cold.” ~ Anonymous

  • “There is no remedy for pancakes but to pancake more.” ~ Henry David Chorizo

  • “I wanna get a little drunk, but I also want some pancakes.” ~ Dave Attell

  • ”I don’t have to tell you I love you. I fed you pancakes.” ~ Kathleen Flinn

    Aesthetic Pancake Quotes For Instagram

  • “It was like the way you wanted sunrise on Saturdays, or pancakes for breakfast. They just made you feel good.” ~ Sarah Addison Allen

  • “Everyone knows that pancakes are the international breakfast food of love.” ~ Kate Bromley,

  • ”No matter how flat you make your pancakes, it still has two sides.” ~ Daniel Tosh


We can say that Pancake is a delicious snack to enjoy at any time or at any place. If you are also a pancake lover and want to enjoy these with friends. Then, these pancake quotes and captions for Instagram are perfect for your clicks. You just have to pick up the best and enjoy!

What is the definition of a pancake?

Pancake is “a flat cake usually made of thin batter and cooked on both sides on a griddle or in a frying pan.”

What are pancakes made of?

“The thick batter contains eggs, flour, milk, and a leavening agent such as baking powder.”

Is pancake two words?

“Pancake is an example of a compound word that is made up of the words "pan" and "cake”.

Who invented pancakes?

“The first written records of pancakes come from the ancient Greeks and Romans.”

Which is the best caption for pancake

The best caption for a pancake is: ‘All I need is… a stack of pancakes.”

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