Strawberry Captions And Quotes For Instagram

As we know berry season is in full bloom. So strawberry captions and quotes for Instagram need to be posted our clicks on social media. If you are also a berry lover, then look no further to add some beauty to your beautiful photos with them. Our captions are the best to make you feel prominent and beautiful. Here we have covered you with admiring and cute quotes for Instagram. 

Why is redberry the most well-liked fruit?

Red-berry is the most well-liked fruit in the world because its fresh red colour attracts everyone and its sour sweet taste is amazing. Strawberries can be eaten as a normal fruit and can be used as juice.

We are offering many sour-sweet captions for your berry-themed pictures. Whether you are sharing a picture of fresh strawberries in a bowl or sharing a bouquet of strawberries we are offering you a great list of amazing captions. Pick up the best and enjoy!

Funny Strawberry Captions

If you want to add some fun and enjoyment to your berry Instagram posts then these funny redberry captions are best. It’s no big deal, just a little bit of humour to add to your photo can make you stand out and put a smile on your follower’s faces. Whether you want to show off your wit or want to be silly with delicious wordplay or have fun with amazing berry words, then there are many different ways to do this nicely.

Are you enjoying strawberries in the fields with your friends or enjoying redberry shakes with your family, then this is the best opportunity for you to capture these great moments. You can contribute to making your followers feel great by sharing these fun photos on Instagram. So don’t be shy about sharing your smartness and fun on Instagram. Don’t hesitate and share your cute redberry pictures on Instagram.

  • I always like my berries as I like my jokes.
  • The sweet taste of berries is lovable.
  • The shape of a red heart attracts everyone.

Funny Strawberry Captions

  • “Don’t be a sourpuss, eat some strawberries!”

  • “Berries! Fruit from the heart.”

  • “These strawberries look so good I could eat them straight up!”

  • “This berry smoothie is my jam.”

  • “You are the straw to my berry.”

  • “A delicious and cute way to show your love for strawberries: with a heart-shaped cake topped with fresh strawberries.”

  • “A berry a day keeps the doctor away, is it right?”

  • “Keep calm and buy a redberry.”

  • “Strawberry season is in full swing!”

  • “It’s a berry good day for some berry picking!”

  • “I love you Berry much.”

  • “This morning I woke up to a field of strawberries and I was like… YES!”

  • “Don’t mind me, just enjoying my berry margarita.”

  • “Happiness, I have grasped, is a destination, like redberry fields. Once you find the way in, there you are, and you’ll never feel low again.”

  • “In Korea, the Japanese and the Chinese are very famous for growing strawberries.”

  • “You wanna ask me about my jam? It is redberry picking.”

  • “These strawberries are so good, they should be illegal.”

  • “Strawberries have more cell layers than onion rings.”

  • “Out to the berry fields is where I want to be.”

  • “I never met a berry I didn’t like.”

  • “The skin of a berry contains up to thirty times as much sugar as the flesh.”

  • “I love my strawberries fresh from the farm.”

  • “It’s a strawberry kind of day.”

  • “Strawberries are sweet when ripe and full of antioxidants.”

  • “So far, my day has been just totally awesome!”

  • “Keep calm and eat strawberries.”

  • “Strawberries grow wild in forests all over the world.”

  • “I am very excited to go berry picking!”

  • Life is short, eat the chocolate-covered strawberries.”

  • “Spending time picking strawberries makes me berry excited all the time.”

  • “Strawberries are one of the first fruits to ripen in autumn.”

  • “Strawberries are red, violets are blue, I’m obsessed with strawberries, how about you?”

  • “Spending time picking strawberries makes me berry excited all the time.”

  • “Strawberries have a complex structure. They are designed to catch the sun.”

  • “The perfect way to celebrate National Berry Day: is with a big bowl of berry yoghurt!”

  • “A redberry’s flavour improves if it is eaten right after picking.”

    Funny Strawberry Captions

Short Strawberry Captions

If you want an amazing idea for the Instagram caption that’s short and to the point, we have got you covered with great ideas for your post. The simple and classic captions will brighten up your breast photos with strawberries and make them stand out. We can say that sometimes a simple and short caption can have just as much impact as the longer one.

The effect and beauty of any caption never depend on its being the most words, but on its being the best. It’s time to show your best words by posting your clicks on facebook and snapchat

Sometimes you feel tired of using too many words and too many sentences and you want to get rid of words. Then these short strawberry captions will be very fruitful for use with images. These small and sweet captions will wrap the words inside themselves and make your point clear and complete. Whether you use these captions for your emoji photos or to show off your activeness these will make you stand out among the crowd that flocks to Instagram.

  • Life is short, buy the berries.

  • Add some sourness to your day.

  • A feeling of enjoyment at every bite.

  • I can eat too many strawberries.

  • “Sweetness overloaded.”

  • “Berrylicious!”

  • “Strawberries are a fruit that doesn’t need any help getting into your mouth.”

  • “Just a bite of heaven.”

  • “They are a miracle in a box. A box of miracles.”

  • “Picked with love.”

  • “You can eat strawberries anytime.”

  • “Berry good vibes only.”

  • “They’re the fruit to feed the spirit.”

  • “The perfect summer treat.”

  • “A strawberry is a small world of taste.”

  • “Berry is happy to be here.”

    Short Strawberry Captions

  • “Strawberries remind me of summer.”

  • “Berry is much in love with these strawberries.”

  • “When I feel blue, strawberries bring back happy memories.”

  • “Satisfy your sweet tooth.”

  • “I love the smell of strawberries when they are cut.”

  • “A taste of summer.”

  • “The first time I ate strawberries was in the morning.”

  • “Summer love in a bowl.”

  • “The first time I saw strawberries on the plate of someone I loved.”

  • “Berry nice to meet you.”

  • “Red, ripe and delicious.”

  • “I can imagine a better world if we ate strawberries all day long.”

  • “Berry is delicious and nutritious.”

  • “If you eat strawberries, you will be sweet all day long.”

  • “The ultimate summertime snack.”

  • “It’s hard to choose between love and redberry.”

  • “The best things in life are sweet.”

  • “A little bit of summer in every bite.”

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Captions

For those who love strawberries as well as chocolates, this is the perfect time for them to eat strawberries covered with chocolates. So when you are eating them you are enjoying life to its fullest, it is impossible not to capture this moment. After you create beautiful clicks with the strawberry theme you feel worried about their captions. But now you don’t have to worry at all because our chocolate-covered berry captions will give you a great opportunity to make your beautiful photos more beautiful.

From common and simple words to memorable moments with friends, these captions will give you the full opportunity to improve your image. Luckily, we have given you great ideas for chocolate-covered strawberries that go perfectly with your chocolate personality. Choose the best option for your chocolate click and share it with your photo on Instagram.

Sit back and let your followers share and like it!

  • I am in love with strawberries but I love chocolate too.
  • Chocolate-covered berries always attract me.
  • I like people who like chocolate.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Captions

  • “Chocolate and strawberries are a match made in dessert heaven.”

  • “Every girl wants to receive chocolate-covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day.”

  • “Is it even a celebration if there aren’t any chocolate-covered strawberries?”

  • “No dessert can ever beat chocolate-covered strawberries.”

  • “When life gives you strawberries, dip them in chocolate.”

  • “Chocolate-covered strawberries are the best.”

  • The perfect way to say “I love you” or “Treat yourself”.

  • “I don’t know who thought that strawberries needed to be coated in chocolate is a great idea, but whoever you are, I love you!”

  • “Chocolate-covered strawberries are proof that good things come in small packages.”

  • “Get me a box of chocolate-covered strawberries right now.”

  • “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness has clearly never had a chocolate-covered strawberry.”

  • “I want you like I want to eat strawberries coated in chocolate.”

  • “Treat yourself like the royalty you are with these chocolate-covered strawberries.”

  • “Melted chocolate and strawberries are the best dessert combination ever invented.”

  • “The perfect way to make any day a little sweeter.”

  • “Strawberries coated in chocolate are just amazing.”

  • “Chocolate-covered strawberries, a guilt-free indulgence.”

  • “I love you like how I love my strawberries, covered in chocolate.”

  • “This is what dreams are made of.”

  • “These chocolate-covered strawberries are so good, they should be illegal.”

  • “Always remember to get me chocolate-covered strawberries on special occasions.”

  • “Not to be dramatic, but chocolate-covered strawberries are my soulmate.”

    Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Captions

Picking Strawberry Captions

Picking strawberries is one of the best moments of life. If you have picked strawberries and it’s your favourite pastime and have excellent and cool photos to share on Instagram, you will need adorable and good captions. We are providing you with a list of amazing picking berry captions. From enjoying life’s little moments to sweet words, these headlines will make your post stand out.

Whether you have been picking strawberries in the sweet berry field with your friends for fun or with your family for amusement, you will never forget these moments and you will also find it important to share them with your followers. Your amazing pictures with strawberries will make your followers visit the beautiful fields of strawberries and admire your picture. 

Picking Strawberry Captions

Select the best caption from the list of our picking sourberry captions to be famous among your followers. 

  • “Savouring every bite of these freshly picked strawberries.”

  • “Let’s go pick some strawberries.”

  • “Bring on the harvest!”

  • “Strawberries and sunshine, are the perfect combination.”

  • “Strawberry picking is such a great way to enjoy the day.”

  • “Pick your own strawberries at a local farm!”

  • “Picking strawberries like a pro.”

  • “There’s nothing like picking fresh strawberries.”

  • “The sweetest things in life are often the simplest.”

  • “There’s nothing like picking fresh strawberries.”

  • “Grab a basket and start picking!”

  • “A strawberry a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • “The strawberry field is just ripe for picking.”

  • “A little strawberry picking never hurt anyone or did it?”

  • “Filling my basket with the freshest berries of the season.”

  • “If you need me, I will be right here in the field, picking some fresh strawberries.”

  • “Relaxing time in the fields…with fresh strawberries of course!”

  • “Taste the difference in locally grown strawberries.”

  • “Picking strawberries now, and making jam later.”

  • “There’s nothing like a beautiful, ripe strawberry!”

  • “Nothing beats the taste of sun-ripened strawberries.”

  • “Strawberry time is such a wonderful time.”

  • “The sweet smell of strawberries in the air!”

  • “Picking strawberries and making memories.”

  • “Strawberries are nature’s candy. Will you have some at my place?”

  • “Picking strawberries with my fam!”

  • “Sweet and satisfying, these strawberries hit the spot.”

  • “Having strawberries on my bed will make you realize how sweet and romantic you are.”

  • “Can’t wait to taste these beauties!”

    Picking Strawberry Captions

  • “The only thing better than picking strawberries is eating them.”

  • “Freedom is doing what you like but happiness is picking strawberries with me.”

  • “The picker with the perfect timing!”

  • “Red, juicy, and delicious the perfect strawberry.”

  • “Will you be my strawberry? Because I want to treat you as the fruit from my heart.”

  • “The picker with the perfect timing!”

  • “Strawberry picking is my new favourite pastime.”

  • “You got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth.”

  • “Picking strawberries is my favourite Summer activity!”

  • “Say hello to my little friends. Picking strawberries and making new bug buddies.”

  • “Strawberry fields are the best place you want to go with me.’

Strawberry Quotes

Sometimes you also need some strawberry quotes along with your captions to post on Instagram. If you are looking for the best quotes to accompany your Instagram post then you are at the right place. We are here for you with a list of awesome quotes that will surprise you, amaze you, and make you stand out from the crowd.

These quotes celebrate the cute and simple things in life just as you celebrate the smallest joys with your friends. From being inspired by the beauty of nature to the joy of indulging in the sweet treat, these quotes will turn your followers into loyal fans and will add sweetness and sourness to your post.

Strawberry Quotes

So don’t hesitate and panic using these beautiful strawberry quotes to post your clicks on Instagram.  

  • “Eating strawberries in a field is a great way to spend a summer afternoon.”

  • “But don’t forget, in the meantime, that this is the season for strawberries. Yes.” ~Clarice Lispector

  • “Strawberries are a reminder that even on the darkest days, there is sweetness in the world.”

  • “I love berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, anything with an ‘eerie’ in it!” ~ Jordin Sparks

  • “Strawberries are the icing on the carrot cake of life.”

  • “Once it’s jam, it can’t be strawberries anymore.” ~ Marilyn Wallace

  • “Strawberries are love in edible form.”

  • “I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer, its dust and lowering skies.” ~ Toni Morrison

  • “There’s no such thing as too many strawberries.”

  • “The strawberry grows underneath the nettle And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best Neighbour’d by the fruit of baser quality.” ~ William Shakespeare

  • “A strawberry by any other name would taste as sweet.”

  • “I think drugs are like strawberries and peaches.” ~ Edie Sedgwick

  • “Life is short, but a strawberry season is even shorter.”

  • “Dating a new man is like holding a strawberry milkshake; first the taste, then the pleasure.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

  • “Happiness is a basket full of freshly picked strawberries.”

  • “One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • “Strawberries, sunshine, and happiness, the perfect combination.”

  • “Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream, they go together.” ~Nikki Giovanni

  • “Strawberries are the red jewels of summer.

  • “Sometimes you’ve just got to grab an apple or grapes, or strawberries. Something that’s healthy but maybe a little bit more adventurous, if you can see fruit as adventurous.” ~ LL Cool J

  • “I think of strawberries as the angels of desserts.”

  • “The mystery of God touches us or does not in the smallest details: giving a strawberry, with love; receiving a touch, with love; sharing the snapdragon red of an autumn sunset, with love.” ~ Marion Woodman

  • “The only thing better than strawberries and cream is more strawberries and cream.”

  • “She has a laugh so hearty it knocks the whipped cream off an order of strawberry shortcake on a table fifty feet away.” ~ Damon Runyon

  • “Strawberries, are a fruit so delicious, it doesn’t need any toppings.”

  • “When an unripe strawberry saw the ripe strawberry, it went green with envy.” 

  • “One of the pleasures of summer vacation is picking strawberries and eating them in the field.”

  • “The perfect name for a sad and morose strawberry is a blueberry.” 

  • “The world is a sweeter place with strawberries in it.”

  • “Strawberry season is here! It’s a berry good time if you know where to go.” 

  • “Let’s get juicy with some fresh strawberries.”

  • “The daddy strawberry got the job to perform at the circus because he was a berry straw-ng man.” 

  • “The taste of a ripe strawberry is like a burst of sunshine in your mouth.”

  • “Nobody would ask the strawberry to go to the prom because it was past her sale-by date.” 

  • “Strawberries are the perfect way to add sweetness to your day.”

  • “You can strike up a conversation with that girl or guy, the one who just picked strawberries and is offering you some.” 

    Strawberry Quotes

  • “A berry good day starts with fresh strawberries.”

  • “My business that sells strawberry juice has gone into liquidation.” 

  • “The joy of summer is in the simple pleasure of eating fresh strawberries.”

  • “The strawberry was very good at racing because he was always juiced up before a race.” 

  • “Picking strawberries is like searching for hidden treasure.”


We can conclude that a sweet and delicious food like strawberries can make everyone a slave of nature. It has a beautiful complexion and beautiful form that can inspire us. It is an amazing and delicious moment for you, whether you are eating it from a stall or picking it yourself from a form. If you want to share your memorable photos with your followers on Instagram you need captions.

For this purpose, we have created a list of strawberry quotes and captions for Instagram for you to avoid any trouble. So whether you are enjoying fresh strawberries or sharing your photos of picking strawberries, these captions and quotes are best for you. 

What is strawberry a symbol of?

Strawberry is a symbol of fertility and abundance, modesty and purity. Berry is the symbol of goodness because of its pure taste and amazing fragrance.  

What is fruit?

This is called strawberry which is a small red fruit, it is juicy and soft, having tiny seeds on its skin. What a perfect combination is “chocolate and strawberry.”

Why is strawberry unique?

The strawberry is unique because of its seeds, as it is the only fruit that has seeds outside.  While all other berries like blueberries and grapes have seeds inside, a strawberry is not a pure berry but we can call it a berry or redberry.

Which is the best strawberry quote?

“The mystery of God touches us or does not in the smallest details: giving a strawberry, with love; receiving a touch, with love; sharing the snapdragon red of an autumn sunset, with love.” ~ Marion Woodman  

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