Van Life Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Are you one of those people who wish to grow up and live a normal life? We know that everyone doesn’t seem to desire such things. It may be the passion of some people. If you are one of those people who love to travel a lot and looking for captions for your photo on Instagram. Then you need not worry we have covered you with the list of van life quotes and captions for Instagram.

What is the term for van life?

The term Van dwelling may be used for van life as it describes the wheels in a different way.  Particularly, we consider it for van by its name.

It is only seen a lot among people who are fond of wanderlust. If you love travelling by van, you might want to share the moments with your followers. You can share your enjoyment by your clicks. choose the best caption for your click.

Van Life Quotes

Do you also suddenly think that you don’t want to live a civilian life anymore? Have you just come to the decision that you should forget everything and hear a voice that tells you to travel? Now the choice is yours, if you are a travel lover then you should always choose such things that lead you to travel.

If you want to experience an extraordinary and simple life, you need to make a special life sacrifice. You need to build self-confidence in yourself to do something special. You need to believe in your own abilities for once so that you can tell people that now you want to live the life you dream of. So are you ready for your best trip?  If so, you have the best captions to express your excitement about your trip.

Van Life Quotes

Choose the best van life quotes to show your madness for travel.

  • “The journey is just as important as the destination in van life.”

  • “Living my best life in my van.”

  • “Living life on the road, one adventure at a time!”

  • “Feeling free and wild on the open road.”

  • “We’ll make a great escape.”

  • “There’s nothing quite like waking up to a new view every morning.”

  • “Van life allows us to truly connect with nature.”

  • “Proof that life is one beautiful ride.”

  • “Home is wherever we Central park it.”

  • “Finding a home on the road in our trusty van.”

  • “My goal is to explore.”

  • “The best things in life are the people we meet, the places we go, and the memories we make.’

  • This weekend is the best for van life

  • “Van life means endless possibilities and new adventures every day.”

  • “Care-free cruisin’ along the highways.”

  • “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.”

  • “Embracing the nomadic lifestyle with open arms.”

  • “Happiness is found inside my van.”

  • “Living minimally and loving it.”

  • “If we seek beautiful memories, the van is almost always ready to provide that!”

  • “Adventures are worth a lifetime.”

  • Death Valley is beautiful 

  • “Life is too short to not live out your dreams.”

  • “The world is all ours to explore and enjoy.” 

  • “It’s a long road ahead, so I’ll use my van.”

  • “The freedom to go wherever the wind takes us.”

  • “New places are waiting to be discovered, filmed, and explored.”

  • “Where the adventure never stops.”

  • “My life revolves around experiences beyond screens and the city. It fills me with gratitude and love for every moment.”

  • “I am a backpacker who wishes to be buried with his van.” 

  • “Eat. Sleep. Travel. Repeat.”

  • A visit to the Smoky Mountains 

  • “Travelling ignites my soul and fuels my van’s engine.”

  • “I do not fear harsh weather and the dangers of the unknown. This van life chose me before I had a choice.”

  • “The long and winding road is worth it.”

  • “I only desire enough wealth to keep my van running with gas and oil.”

  • “One day I will come back where I started, but till then the van is my life.”

  • “There’s no turning back now.”

  • “I realized how superficial our lives can be, revolving around materialistic things. That’s when my van became my closest companion.”

  • “If we seek new experiences, life in a van can pretty much provide us with everything.”

  • Europe is calling and I must go 

  • “Hands-on the steering wheel and the world at my fingertips.”

  • “Every moment can hold an adventure if you keep your eyes open and your van ready.”

  • “Life on wheels is very forgiving of your past. It does not remember anything. 

  • “As free as the wind, there’s no better feeling.”

Van Life Quotes

  • “I never imagined a life beyond a 3 BHK until I discovered how content I could be living in my van.”

  • Take me to where the palm trees are.

  • “Life in the van has helped me know so much about myself. At times I am alone with my thoughts in the middle of nowhere. That is where I can listen to my own thoughts loud and clear.”

  • “Living in a van is pretty sweet!”

  • “Exploring the world behind the steering wheel is far more enriching than exploring the world on Google.”

  • “If you find someone who is ready to live in a van with you, don’t let them go! They’ll probably follow you through hell and to hell.”

  • “Basically, all I do is travel, travel, travel.”

  • Don’t worry, beach happy

  • “Life on the road is monumental, providing expensive feelings without the high cost of living.”

  • “I can transform my life immediately if I set out on an adventure.”

  • “Life is all about the journey. So, where are you going?”

  • “Hardships on the road teach you to value everything you have at home.”

  • “If you can picture how tiny you are as compared to the whole planet, you would not take anything for granted.”

  • “To see the world is my motto.”

  • See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me

  • “Life is a journey, not a destination. So why stay in one place? Let’s hit the road!”

  • “There is only one life that I know I have and in this life, I want to cover as many places as possible in my modest van.”

  • “To explore the world from the comfort of my van.”

  • “I’m not tied down to any particular place. I’m an easy-come, easy-go person when it comes to destinations.”

  • “I am gathering pictures of myself in new places so that when I am crippled and old, I have nothing to regret. At least I used my legs when I could.”

  • I want solo travel to beautiful places

  • “In life, there are many twists and turns, but let them come.”

  • “Life on the road is as vibrant as life in general. There are obstacles to overcome, and sometimes you have to ignore the pebbles and stones in your way.”

Van Life Captions

If you think that the life of a van is very easy, it is not at all, life can be very difficult of a van. But it is such a dream that everyone wants to achieve and it’s also incredibly satisfying. Many people who are living the life of a van Express that they made a great decision at a good time. 

This thinking has taught people to live with the least luxuries and live the beautiful moments of life with a full heart. If you are also fond of these moments and want to share your knowledge and beautiful moments. Then these van life captions are best for you.

Van Life Captions

  • “Travelling is electrifying and sets my soul on fire, just like the fuel in my van’s engine.”

  • “Life is a journey, not a destination. And when you live in a van, the journey is your home.”

  • I want a visit to Goa

  • “There’s a whole world for you to explore.”

  • “I only wish to be as rich as it takes for me to buy gas and oil for my van.”

  •  “The best things in life aren’t things, they’re experiences. And van life is one of the best experiences you can have.”

  • “The van life is not for everybody, but it is for me.”

  • “One day I discovered how ignorant we are that we spend our whole lives on materialistic things and never see the world! That’s when my van became my best friend.”

  • Travel with my crush 

  • “The freedom of the open road is intoxicating. It’s a feeling you can only experience in a van.”

  • “Living in a van allows you to live spontaneously.”

  • “Each moment can unfold an adventure if you keep your eyes open and your van ready.”

  • “Living in a van may seem like a sacrifice to some, but to us, it’s a choice to live a life of simplicity and adventure.”

  • “Eat, sleep and have adventures.”

  • Happiness comes in waves

  • “I never imagined a life beyond a 3 BHK before I discovered how happy you can be living inside a 4-wheeler.” 

  • “Van life is about embracing the unknown and finding joy in the unexpected.”

  • “Always take the scenic route.”

  • “My van is my tiny house.”

  • “The van may be small, but the world is vast. And with van life, you can explore it all.”

  • The New Zealand trip was beautiful 

  • “Adventure is always an option when you live in a van.”

  • “Exploring the world while moving the steering wheel is much better than exploring the world on Google.”

  • “In a van, every day is a new adventure waiting to be discovered.”

  • “I love my van from the mountains and back.”

  • “I never had to spend money on an expensive house and furnishing. I just need an unlimited supply of gas for my van.”

  • “Van life is about trading possessions for experiences and living a life full of memories, not things.”

  • “There’s no time to be bored when you live in a van.”

  • “Life in a van is monumental because it gives so many expensive feelings without costing you any money.” 

  • San Francisco is waiting and I must go

  • “Van life offers the ultimate adventure, as we embrace the open road and all it has to offer.”

  • “Live the life you’ve always dreamed of having.”

  • “Hardships on the road give you the eyes and heart to value everything that is in your home.”

  • “In van life, we find beauty in the simplicity of our lifestyle and the freedom it provides.”

  • “Getting used to sleeping with the stars.”

  • “Life is said to be a journey, not a destination. Then why do we sit in one place? Take out your four-wheeler and let’s set out on a journey.”

  • “With the ability to go wherever the wind takes us, the journey becomes just as important as the destination.”

  • “Followed my heart and it led me to the road.”

  • “The rearview mirror of my van holds the picture of the beautiful past that I was a part of. A past that is unexpecting, unjudging, just giving me memories.”

  • “Feeling free and wild on the open road, van life allows us to truly connect with nature and find a home wherever we roam.”

  • “I’ll send my postcards from the road.”

  • Golden hours among beautiful places

  • “A plane ticket is expensive because it hides away all the harsh reality of the land it crosses. Travelling as much as possible in a van will make you humble.” 

  • “Embracing the nomadic lifestyle with open arms, we discover endless possibilities and new adventures every day.”

Van Life Captions

  • “The world looks beautiful on you.”

  • “I took a leap of faith with my van and set out on an unknown journey. Now I am rewarded with surprises and sights I never saw and never imagined.”

  • “The van provides us with beautiful memories and new experiences, allowing us to explore and enjoy the world around us.”

  • I want to enjoy different food in different places 

  • “No destinations, just adventures.”

  • “I am an easy-come and easy-go person when it comes to places. I cannot be committed to one place.”

  • “For those of us who choose van life, it becomes a part of who we are and the way we live, offering satisfaction in minimalism and the freedom to live life on our terms.”

  • “Happiness is right inside this camper van.”

  • “Life on the road is as colourful as life in general. It is not smooth all the way. There are pebbles and stones that you need to cross and sometimes ignore.”

  • “Living in a van allows us to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and truly listen to our own thoughts and desires.”

  • Eiffel is in love with Paris

  • “This van is a reminder that adventure is always waiting.”

  • “I don’t mind if a tornado hits one of the endless roads I’m in and engulfs me with my van. But if I survive, I’d say that I achieved everything in life.”

  • “Those who share our passion for van life become invaluable companions on our journey, and we cherish the connections we make on the road.”

  • Vermont is a beautiful place 

  • “Life beyond screens and monitors.”

RV Life Captions

We cannot even think of living our lives in an RV until we are completely alienated from the world. Because it’s a fact that RV life can never be easy. RV life is like being a Nomad, and the life of a Nomad makes you socially and personally distant from all connections.

It is the reality that this life gives you a lot of experience that you won’t get anywhere else because you see everything from the nearest point in this way. If you are one of those people who want to share their life experiences with their loving followers, then look no further. Our list of RB life captions will make you stand out from the crowd.

RV Life Captions

  • “Some people choose alcohol as an escape from life. I choose the RV.”

  • “Instead of using alcohol as an escape from life, I choose RV living as my escape.”

  • “Get lost in nature.”

  • Australia is calling and I must go 

  • “Life in an RV is spontaneous and lively.”

  • “Living in an RV is full of spontaneity and liveliness, as I can carry my home wherever I go.”

  • “Where the wild things are.”

  • “I carry my home wherever I go.”

  • “For me, home is wherever I am, and I am fortunate enough to own an RV that eliminates any feelings of homesickness.”

  • “Forever chasing waterfalls.”

  • “Home is wherever I am! I own an RV.”

  • “Compared to living in a bungalow, life on four wheels is much more fulfilling for me.”

  • Climb mountains – not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world!”

  • “I don’t have a reason to miss home as I have an RV.”

  • “I don’t have a stagnant life since I am always on the move, travelling and living life as it comes.”

  • River is the beautiful site

  • “Life should have more mountains and less stress.”

  • “Life on four wheels is much more fulfilling than living in a bungalow.”

  • “While some may find spontaneous living lonely, it is the best life I have ever known.”

  • “Because mountains are made for climbing.”

  • “I do not have a stagnant life! I travel and I live my life as I go.”

  • “RV life is not for the lazy, but for those who are willing to put in the effort to prepare meals on the go during vacation.”

  • “Take me to the mountains.”

  • Canada is calling and I must go 

  • “Spontaneous living is lonely for some people but for me, it is the best life I have ever known.” 

  • “By being devoid of societal filters, there are many undiscovered facts about myself that I can only learn when spending time with myself in an RV.”

  • “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

  • “RV life is not for lazy people! It is for the ones who don’t mind working a little more during a vacation preparing meals on the go.”

  • “The best way to connect with oneself is in a place with weak wifi.”

  • “When life gets you down, keep calm and climb on.”

  • “There are a lot of undiscovered facts about yourself that you can only discover when you are devoid of mental filters imposed by your society. In an RV, you get enough time with yourself.”

  • “If you want to get closer to a faraway place, start your RV journey now, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll get there.”

  • “Always take the scenic route.”

  • I want a visit to Kentucky

  • “Only in a place with weak wifi, you can connect with yourself better.”

  • “I have a strong desire to leave a trail of my RV wheels everywhere I go.”

  • “Wander where the Wi-Fi is weak.”

  • “If you think a place is far away, start on your RV now. You’ll be a few steps closer to it sooner than you realize.” 

  • “Drawing my name trail with my RV wheels is a personal goal of mine.”

  • “I have an insane calling to leave a trail of my RV wheels behind!”

  • “I want to take my RV to a place called “everywhere,” which is on top of my bucket list, even though I don’t know where it is.”

  • “I wanna draw my name trail with my RV wheels.”

  • I want a visit to Dubai

  • “Waking up to an endless road waiting to be explored is a feeling I cherish.” 

  • “I wanna take my RV to a place called Everywhere! I don’t know where it is, but it’s on top of my bucket list.”

  • “I am drawn to the mystery of unknown lands.”

  • “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

  • “I always wanna wake up to the sight of an endless road left for me to explore.”

  • Nomadic life has humbled me and taught me to be grateful for everything.”

  • “I like the mystery of unknown lands.” 

  • “I have finally fallen in love with nomadic life. It has made me humble and grateful for everything.”

  • “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” — Erol Ozan

  • “I want to explore every uncharted road and leave a trail behind as a guide for fellow adventurers.”

  • “I wanna run my vehicle over every unexplored road and leave a trail behind me as a guide for people as crazy as myself.” 

  • “Being lost in the wilderness is a fulfilling experience for me, unlike getting lost in the materialistic desires of life.”

  • “I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” — David Bowie

  • “I love the feeling of being lost in this wilderness. It is fulfilling, unlike being lost in the materialistic desires of life.”

RV Life Captions

Funny RV Quotes

Are you not a serious person but a person of such a nature who makes demonstrations in his words in every situation, so that he can bring happiness to people’s faces? If you are a lover of humour then surely you will not let your humour feature fade even in RV life. Always find fun in strange things and unexpected places and capture it in your photos. Then add these funny RV quotes with your clicks to put a smile on your follower’s faces.

  • “RV life is the one you get for spending your money to live like homeless people!”

  • “I told my wife we needed a bigger RV. She said, ‘Why? It’s not like we’re bringing the whole house.”

  • “Skip the expensive mortgage.”

  • I like glaciers 

  • “I live beyond societal rules! I am literally a rich homeless man who has an RV.”

  • “I love the smell of campfire in the morning. It smells like victory.”

  • “Be sure to gas up, so adventure never stops.”

  • “RV life is cool till you keep getting parking spaces for it.”

  • “Why do they call it ‘camping’ when you’re actually spending a small fortune to live in a tiny house on wheels?”

  • “If travelling was free, you would never see me again.”

  • “I don’t run away from life. I drive away in an RV.”

  • “The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.” – Werner Herzog

  • “I don’t always drink beer while camping, but when I do, I prefer to do it in my RV.”

  • “Sure, not many will approve, but you’ll be driving far away to hear.”

  • “I’ll write a letter to my home address from every new place I go in an RV! Damn, why didn’t I think of that before?”

  • Camping is just like staying in a hotel, except the room is smaller, the amenities are fewer, and you have to bring your own sheets.”

  • “Bring your house everywhere.”

  • “If you wanna see a place you have never seen, you need to take your RV to a place it never went.”

  • “After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.” – Pam Shaw

  • “I tried to organize a hide-and-seek tournament in my RV, but it was really hard to find a good hiding spot.”

Funny RV Quotes

  • “When ordinary life doesn’t interest you, get a van.”

  • “I swear I only want to take my RV to a place called Everywhere! I won’t stop till I find it.”

  • “I don’t always take my RV off-road, but when I do, I make sure the toilet is securely fastened.”

  • “Absolute proof that you can live more with less.”

  • “RV life is fun till you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.”

  • “Camping with kids is like being in a horror movie. You hear strange noises at night, you’re always on edge, and you never know what’s going to jump out at you.”

  • “Who needs a plane ticket when you have a van?”


We can say that life in a van is not easy, however, sometimes it’s very difficult. People who seek experiences and they like to take risks may fall in love with such life. A person who is addicted to the luxuries of life and cannot live alone can never live a vans life even for a single day. So, if you are a very confident and brave person then you should take the risk of living the life of a van. For an adventurous person, it’s a great life that he can live in this world.

Why is Van's life great?

Van’s life is great for people who love travelling.  As this life provides chances of travelling more and saving money. That's why some people like to spend a van's life.

Is Van life a good idea?

Van Life is a great idea for people who want to save money. To live a life in a van has a low cost of living and it's a great opportunity to get rid of meaningless relations.

Who created Van life?

Foster Huntington was the first person who created van life. He settled his necessities of life in a van and drive it across the country.

What is the best RV life caption?

The best RV life captions are “Some people choose alcohol as an escape from life. I choose the RV.” “Life in an RV is spontaneous and lively.”

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